Religion, Myth, and Magic. The Anthropology of Religion Prof. Susan Johnston


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Prof. Susan Johnston Religion, Myth, and Magic. The Anthropology of Religion РАЗНОЕ. Anthropologist Susan Johnston turns a scholarly eye on one of humankinds primary interests throughout history: the spiritual belief system. A continuing and often contentious presence in the world today, religion, from its origins to the present, is a key component for understanding communities and cultures all over the globe.Lecture 1 What Is Religion?Lecture 2 Religious SpecialistsLecture 3 MythologyLecture 4 SymbolsLecture 5 What Is Ritual?Lecture 6 What Does Ritual Do?Lecture 7 The Nonhuman WorldLecture 8 The Origins of ReligionLecture 9 Analyzing Ancient ReligionsLecture 10 Dealing with DeathLecture 11 Magic and WitchcraftLecture 12 Religion and GenderLecture 13 New Religious FormsLecture 14 Religion and Politics . Beginning her lectures with an attempt to define religion, Professor Johnston continues this intriguing study with an examination of mythology and symbols, rituals and witchcraft, gender, politics, and religions place in the many customs surrounding death.

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