Tony Buttler, Yefim Gordon Soviet Secret Projects: Bombers Since 1945


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Tony Buttler, Yefim Gordon Soviet Secret Projects: Bombers Since 1945 ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ. A large proportion come from the Design Bureau of Andrei Tupolev, but there are others from the Myasischev, Sukhoi and Yakovlev Bureaux. This volume, the first in a planned series of three, details many of the jet bomber projects drawn up between the late 1940s and the present day and shows just how creative the Design Bureaux could be. The aviation industry of the former Soviet Union has produced many outstanding military aircraft. Starting with three volumes of Luftwaffe Secret Projects and following on with the British Secret Projects series, we now turn to the what the Soviets were getting up. Access to original archives from the various Bureaux has ensured a level of in-depth coverage and accuracy never previously possible in a book covering unbuilt Soviet bombers. It will give both experts and enthusiasts the chance to compare this work with contemporary Western aircraft programmes. The M.4, Tu-16 and Tu-22 are well known, but there were many more that never flew. The book also describes the competition between these projects for orders and shows the progress made in aircraft design behind the Iron Curtain. However, there were many other proposed projects for fighters and bombers that never saw the light of day and almost all of them are completely unknown in the West. Many of the drawings and illustrations have never previously been published and there are some specially commissioned renditions of might-have-been types. One of the great success stories of aviation publishing in recent years has been Midlands Secret Projects series. The end of the Cold War has given the opportunity for researchers in Russia to uncover these projects for the first time.

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